Shaved snow. Dessert, also known as xue hua bing

snow5Cultural exchange gives us many interesting things, including new foods. Many people like ice cream and regard it as one of the most delicious sweet desserts. However, our understanding of ice cream is slightly different from what exists in other cultures. Several years ago an absolutely new type of ice cream appeared in the market, it is called shaved snow. The other names it has are xue hua bing and shave ice.

If you look at the images with shave snow, you won’t believe this is an ice cream, because it looks so unusual. It looks more like some sort of ocean plant or coral. It has come to us from Taiwan. Similar types of ice cream are also prepared in Hawaii, Singapore, and the Philippines. Not so many people have already tasted this ice cream in the USA. Given how tasty it is and how interesting it looks, you should definitely try it.

One would probably inquire how they made this flurries snow ice cream. First of all, they take simple ingredients of an ice cream, including milk and water, mix it up with different flavors, and then freeze the mix. After this ice cream freezes over, it starts looking like a snow bar or a block. Then the block is loaded in a special machine which spins the cylinder, shaving off the block’s layers into thin ribbons, which are placed on a plate during the whole process. This is what makes the look of this Taiwanese ice cream so unusual. In addition, the ice cream can have various toppings, including fresh fruits, fruit syrups, condensed milk, or even mochi mango boba. These ingredients combined with ice cream ribbons create snow flurries which look fantastic. It not only looks goods but tastes delicious as well, so everyone should taste it to form his own opinion.

The taste of this flurries shaved snow depends heavily on a particular flavor. There are many various flavors, so everyone would be able to choose what he likes the most. For instance, you can taste this ice cream with green tea, vanilla milk, peanut butter, coffee, mango, taro, almond, coconut, chocolate, lychee, or strawberry. Many people prefer to combine some of these flavors and add different syrups to the combination. Everyone can show his creativity when it comes to choosing what shaved snow ice cream he will taste. However, you should be careful when choosing durian flavor, because this Asian fruit has a stinky smell, which you might dislike it.